- Stepping into techno era - let's build a community of our own.



COOL HALL is a collection of  articles, videos, book reviews and links that aim to shed light on "how emerging online technologies change the way organizations and individuals communicate and do business." Moreover it explores emerging online trends.

We are here with a hope of building a new community of our own by stepping into a new techno era. So we invite and welcome all of you and your friends here to connect and collaborate.

New updates of website are available in pendown and you can comment over the updates. You can always chill up to regulate new ideas and can share them in forums and also can discuss there. We always welcome your suggessions and try to improve a lot day by day stepping up the ladder of surfing technology.

Happy Browsing.

-Thank You

Stepping into techno era - let's build a community of our own.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

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