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Posted by Aneesh P V on November 24, 2010 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

We have done it, we put our website in the hands of every mobile user:

Today, we are proud to introduce another addition to the world that now you can brows COOL HALL in mobile with a new look. What's special, we did it before... you may think like this. But now you are not supposed to visit the original site when you are in mobile. You will be visiting a integrated site with same contents but new theme and font which differs from mobile to mobile.

  You can just switch the mobile site by loging on to in your mobile browser. That will open a highly tailored, dynamic mobile website; an optimized mobile version of our Website.

Happy Night

Be Cool and Have a good Sleep.


Posted by Aneesh P V on November 24, 2010 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Today we are proud to introduce the addition of a new feature to our site

that is "Project Room", is actually Work-from-Home Projects to make money. deafinetely you can make money if you can take it as serious. This feature helps you to do countless money making projetcts sitting in your home using your skills.

Just think like brillient, work like brillient and make money by uploading your projetcs. Have a nice project making and Happy browsing.


This week is refreshment and Re-Build week

Posted by Aneesh P V on November 19, 2010 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Sorry to say this. We had a long break because of technical error. So we need atleast a week or 10 days for good comeback.  Don't loose hope on us. We will definetly back...with rocking updates. Have a nice night.

Any way, happy that the problems are solved.

Happy Browsing.

Ooops problem is soved, thank you webs.

Posted by Aneesh P V on November 19, 2010 at 12:46 PM Comments comments (0)

When our site was blocked, 

This is the response he got from them:


Dear Sir

"Due to security reasons, the mentioned site IP ( has been

blocked throught our country from various providers , due to this activity

this site will not open anywhere in INDIA" as per information received from

our Network Operating Center, Bangalore please.


Thanks & Regards

for DE(NIB) Chennai Node.

[email protected]


That site IP ( is for ANY site with the address:


This means any site that has the address will be blocked by some ISPs in India, although at this point it looks like it's only mobile and broadband service. This is not a problem in other places.


This means, you should be able to access:


But if you are in India, you CANNOT access any site with the address, such as:


But you CAN access those sites using the Freewebs address:


Until the ISPs in India unblock the IP, you can use the address to access your site.


There is a problem with this method, however -- the templates will not show up for you if your ISP is blocking the IP - the content will be there, but the CSS will not come through, because the CSS comes from the IP.


The other solution, that WILL allow the CSS to come through, is to use a custom domain name, which you can register through the Premium > Domain Names area of your account. If you have a custom domain name, the CSS will reflect the domain address, and will not be blocked.


You can change to the address as the primary site address (or a domain name, if you have one) in the Site Settings of your account.


We are working on getting TRAI to lift the block, and appreciate your patience and assistance in providing us with information, and in contacting your ISPs!



We have written to TRAI and will be attempting to call them by phone in the morning (when it's morning in India).


Please do write to them as well, at : [email protected]


Encourage them to communicate with us so this situation can be resolved. They can write to:

[email protected]


We can freeze any offending sites, but we need to know the site addresses that were the problem.


Thank you for understanding. We hope that the block against Webs will be lifted soon.


Update as of 8/18/2010


The following email was sent this morning to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, in addition to two organizations I emailed yesterday:


- Internet Service Providers Association of India

- Internet & Mobile Association of India

 You can see more of the updates here at: